e115 Kratom Extract Elixir: Mood + Focus

e115 Kratom Extract Elixir: Mood + Focus


Achieving maximum warp requires focus, determination, and specialized fuel. Embark on a journey to new dimensions with E115 Warp Booster Kratom Extract Elixir.†

What is Kratom Elixir? It’s an ancient jungle botanical, akin to coffee, revered for centuries for its health and wellness benefits. This delightful kratom extract elixir, blended with MCT oil, contains natural kratom alkaloids that promote mood and focus.

Recommended Usage: Each 2 fl oz bottle boasts 84 mg of mitragynine. Begin with 1 fl oz (½ bottle) and, if necessary, consume the remaining 1 fl oz after 15-20 minutes for the desired warp drive effects.

Pro Tip: Enhance your favorite coffee beverage with it to experience E115 Hyper-Drive Warp Speed.


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