e115 Kratom Extract Tablets: Extra Strength Relief + Energy

e115 Kratom Extract Tablets: Extra Strength Relief + Energy


Achieve precise pain relief and elevate your energy levels with E115 Particle Accelerator Whole-Leaf Kratom Tablets.†

What is Kratom? It’s a revered ancient jungle botanical, akin to coffee, utilized for centuries to manage health and well-being, particularly for pain and energy.

Why Tablets? Crafted from premium whole-leaf kratom, each tablet contains 300mg without any barriers like gelatin or coatings. Pressed into a size one-third smaller than the average kratom capsule, these tablets offer unmatched ease in measurement and usage.

Typical Usage: Most individuals consume 1-5 grams of kratom (equivalent to 3-16 tablets… similar to a handful of coffee beans).

Recommended Usage: Discover Your Ideal Dosage: Start with 4-5 tablets. For those sensitive to kratom, begin with 2-3 tablets or 600-900 milligrams. Adjust by adding 1-2 tablets (300-600 milligrams) every 15 or 30 minutes until desired relief/effects are achieved.

Pro Tip: Utilize the labeled mitragynine percentage on your E115 Product package for precise adjustments tailored to your experience.


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