Float Amanita Muscaria & D9 Gummies (2500mg)

Float Amanita Muscaria & D9 Gummies (2500mg)


Introducing Float Hemp-Derived Smart Shroom Gummies, a delightful fusion of mushrooms and cannabis without the floaty feeling. Crafted for those who appreciate both, these vegan-friendly gummies offer a delectable blend of flavors and benefits.

What sets Float Mushroom’s Vegan Mushroom Gummies apart?

These chewy, bite-sized treats offer a unique experience, combining the goodness of Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract with hemp-derived compounds. Each gummy boasts its own distinct flavor profile, delivering a potent and enjoyable experience. Plus, they’re 100% vegan and available in three delicious varieties.

With 10 goodies per bag, each containing 25 mg of THC, you get a total of 250 mg to explore. Float Mushroom’s Vegan Mushroom Gummies offer a fantastic option for enthusiasts of mushrooms and cannabis alike, delivering the perfect balance of flavor and potency in every bite.

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