Krave MIT 45 Kratom Shot

Krave MIT 45 Kratom Shot


MIT45 Liquid Kratom Shot Extract delivers unparalleled benefits, harnessing the potency of kratom in its strongest form. Utilizing advanced extraction methods, the renowned Maeng Da kratom strain is extracted in Holland, yielding exceptionally high alkaloid concentrations.

Alkaloids are the key components shaping kratom’s effects, and this tincture is crafted in a Certified CGMP facility, ensuring top-tier quality.

MIT 45 Liquid Kratom Shot Extract is beloved for its potent effects, devoid of strong odors or flavors. Dubbed “liquid gold” and likened to “rocket fuel,” this unadulterated, full spectrum kratom tincture offers powerful benefits.

You might enjoy a rapid surge of energy with no adverse effects such as nausea, sudden crashes, or feeling foggy-headed. Some users liken its effects to those of caffeine.

Shortly after consumption, the effects begin to manifest and may endure for hours. As the effects taper off, there’s no abrupt crash or sense of queasiness.


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