Magic Kingdom Magic Blend Mints

Magic Kingdom Magic Blend Mints


Discover the tranquil world of Magic Kingdom Magic Blend Mints, a masterpiece that marries the time-honored wisdom of psychedelic mushrooms with the finesse of contemporary gastronomy. Each mint is meticulously created using a sophisticated extract of psilocybin, obtained from selectively picked magic mushroom varieties known for their ability to uplift moods and broaden awareness.

These Magic Blend Mints represent a perfect blend of scientific innovation and natural essence. The mushrooms incorporated into our mints come from expert cultivators, guaranteeing a heritage of the most unadulterated strains, cultivated in conditions that mirror their original settings for optimal potency. The choice of white peach flavor is intentional, aimed at enhancing the psychedelic voyage with its subtle, sweet notes that beautifully balance the mushrooms’ inherent earthy tones.

Tailored for the diverse tastes of microdosers and those in pursuit of stronger encounters, our mints offer versatility and precision. They provide a stealthy, pleasurable, and straightforward method to enjoy the advantages of magic mushrooms, whether you’re looking for a slight elevation or an extensive exploration of your mind.


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