PuffCo Cupsy

PuffCo Cupsy


Introducing the PuffCo Cupsy, a groundbreaking water pipe cleverly disguised as a coffee cup, revolutionizing the concept of an everyday herbal apparatus. Crafted with a ceramic bowl for a consistently pure taste during your favorite flower sessions, the Cupsy by PuffCo boasts downstem percolation, a silicone lid, and a stainless steel cup. Indulge in endless smoke sessions with the PuffCo Cupsy discreetly, without drawing any unwanted attention.

  • Remove the lid and fill with water to your preferred level.
  • Press down on the lid to ensure a tight seal around the cup.
  • Flip open the mouthpiece and extract the bowl from its storage location.
  • Place the bowl onto the air hole, fill, and ignite using a lighter (do not use a butane torch).
  • Return the bowl to its storage location and close the mouthpiece, ensuring the bowl handle covers the air hole.
  • While the Cupsy is designed to resist leaks, it is not entirely leak-proof. Periodically clean all components with isopropyl alcohol to maintain the PuffCo Cupsy.


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