Pulsar 510 DL Auto-Draw Vape Pipe

Pulsar 510 DL Auto-Draw Vape Pipe


Experience the perfect blend of subtlety and style with the Pulsar 510 DL Pipe. This unit allows you to control your vape with ease, thanks to its airflow-powered auto-draw functionality. You can power up, pre-heat, set the voltage, and shut down, all with a few gentle puffs.

Equipped with three temperature settings, this unit caters to your preferences for any sesh. The 15-second pre-heating feature primes your cartridges and minimizes clogging, ensuring smooth vapor flow. The Pulsar DL Pipe also features an exterior button for those who prefer classic controls.

The digital screen on the button displays battery percentage and the selected heat setting. An LED light strip is color-coded according to voltage level, and it stays on during pre-heat mode. Once it shuts off, your cart is primed. Charge the unit to full battery in just over an hour with the included USB-C charging cable.


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