Yocan Wulf Recon Cartridge Vaporizer

Yocan Wulf Recon Cartridge Vaporizer


Introducing the Yocan Wulf Mods Recon Cartridge Vaporizer, a versatile device specifically designed for oil cartridges in a discreet and disposable design. This vaporizer offers the added convenience of an LED display for easy battery and voltage monitoring. The Recon can accommodate 2-gram cartridges and provides three variable voltage settings (2.8V-Green, 3.4V-Blue, and 3.8V-Red) to suit your preferences. With a durable 650mAh battery for extended sessions and fast USB-C charging, this vaporizer is available in nine vibrant colors. Activating and adjusting settings is effortless with intuitive controls, ensuring a seamless vaping experience.


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